Alarm Clock Modification

Most alarm clocks have two consistent features:

  • Easy access snooze button
  • Smaller inconvenient off switch

My goal was to modify my clock so that the snooze button would turn off my alarm (until the next day)

Look at the size of that button! Clock Back Switch

The circuit was a lot simpler than I expected because it uses an integrated circuit, the UTCLM8560. I looked into how the snooze button and the on/off switch worked. It turns out I only needed to move a single wire.

Cut the red wire

I disconnected the snooze button from pin 24 and wired it in parallel with the on/off switch (schematic above, wiring below). The result is when the snooze button is pressed, the alarm would disable. When the snooze button is released, the alarm would enable, ready to go off the next day.

Clock Guts 2

Now I can shower in the morning without the alarm going off again (In case I forgot to turn it off after hitting snooze).

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