The Shack – Made During Highschool

Timeline: 2003-2006 (Grade 9 to Grade 12)

Summary: My friend and I built a fort in the woods and developed it into a decent sized building.

air shack 1

Image taken in 2014 using a quad-copter

The Shack Artistic Rendition

A map of the shack (opposite side view than the picture above)


This started as a single room. Over 3 years, we created additions and upgraded the building quality.

Kitchen - Outside - ContstructionOutside - Kitchen Window


  • Power (600 ft of extension cords from my parents house)
  • Phone line (used for MSN)
  • Water storage (blue drum)

Living Room:

This was the first room that was built. Features included:

  • Insulated flooring, walls, and roof.
  • Front and back loft
  • TV cabinet expansion and built in couches

Living RoomLoft

Shane’s Room:

My room was the next major room addition. Features included:

  • Frame build using bunk-bed (top bunk removed later)
  • Sliding door using skateboard trucks

Shane's Room - ConstructionShane's Room


The kitchen was a fun room to build. It was the first 2nd floor room. We had to be very certain that everything was strong and safe. The kitchen also had many features. Installations included:

  • Mini Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Sink with running water
  • Garbage shoot
  • Speakers running from living room

Kitchen - ConstructionKitchen



In the winter it was too cold to go outside for going to the bathroom. We had to improvise a urinal:


What I learned from this:

  • Structural requirements
  • Differences in theoretical and practical applications
  • Setting goals with tangible results
  • The joy of being passionate about work

Living Room Renovation in Progress

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